Pop… the ultimate Dirty Word

7 Sep

I love pop music. I love hip hop music. I love indie.  I love dance. I love punk rock. I love jungle freak alien zouk with a side of Jamaican dub. If it’s good, I’ll share it. Top 40 chart ain’t as bad as you think and although Pitchfork/Triple J/NME always get it right in my eyes, they are niche niche niche… this is a blog full of my own weird, obscure and sometimes totally mainstream tastes. Stuff that I can’t always get away with at work…

….Work, you ask?

I am a full time DJ. You can catch me at MUM, Purple Sneakers, Teen Spirit, Girlthing… hear my mixes in Glue, Quicksilver, Dotti, Surf Dive Ski/Jetty Surf, Portmans, Jay Jays, D.C.,CityBeachand a bunch more.

I used to speak to bands on radio.

Sometimes I still speak to bands on TV.

Sometimes I am my own band.

I like to Tweet

And quote pop stars:

As JT once said, via the immortal medium of ‘N SYNC –

“The thing you got to realize
What we doing is not a trend
We got the gift of melody
We gonna bring it till the end”

Welcome to DIRTY WORD !


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