KESH is killin’ it

12 Sep

Creative force and purveyor of all things aesthetically rad, Kesh Kumari, has recently turned her attention to music videos. The British underground visual artist and fashion icon is working her way from cult status to the mainstream world… most recently editing Big Sean’s Marvin & Chardonnay feat Kanye West

…and providing creative wisdom for Natalia Kills and Will.I.Am

Her distinct minimalist style shines through… full of geometric shapes, bold colours and a token street edge, she turns the humble music video into what it should be, a multidimensional work of contemporary art.

Oh, and she’s a megababe.

I’ve been stalking this chick since 2007 when we both lived in London and she worked as the fashion editor of Super Super Magazine, was a Coconut Twin DJ and occasionally jumped onstage with M.I.A. Now she’s relocated to LA to pursue creative direction, in varying mediums… Word is she’s just flown to Europe to work with Kanye further.

Go on, Live vicariously.


2 Responses to “KESH is killin’ it”


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