Happy New Year, you shady luvuuuhz

12 Jan

Wassup wassup wasssssup!!?? Happy #2012.

I’ve been a little MIA (in a totally non Sri Lankan way) over the last few weeks. Coz I’ve been out in da wild woirld making my own moosiks n stuff. Yeah!

Here’s a lil summtin summtin I heard last week and thought *must freaking blog*. So, even if you’ve already heard it, listen again… its Scissor Sisters busting out some mad rhymes on Shady Love, the first single from their upcoming 4th album, with a little help from my future wife Azealia Banks (Gurrl can do no wrong). It’s produced by Boys Noize and heralds a totally new, and fucking awesome, direction for the New York disco freaks.

…SO on further listen, I can’t help but agree with a dear friend of mine who suggests it is just Azealia’s 212 re-written as a campy pop song. The beat, structure, filter, Azzy’s vocal break. You can actually sing 212 over the top. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. But with that said, its subtle enough to fly under the radar. Mmmmmm themz some smart sistas, jumping on an about-to-explode artist/sound and making it their own. Soz, 212 is still better.



One Response to “Happy New Year, you shady luvuuuhz”

  1. S. D. Horne January 12, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    Word. I can hear it, sort of. Like, a little. Maybe. No, no, wait. I can hear it. Yeah. Subtle as the chilli in my curry.

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