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vidz… nu wunz.

9 Feb

Nicki. I wouldn’t fux wit her.

Ladyhawke, channeling 70s film goddess Faye Dunaway 

The Police, I mean… The Kooks, turning on the red light with Roxanne, I mean… Rosie. (aka taking acid with gorgeous call girls in “the 70’s”)

The abrasively sweet stylings of Sleigh Bells are back. with Comeback Kid.

Say back again.


and the soulful, drummer-gal vibes of London new kid, EJ.


Nice and Ego – 100 Songs in 6 Minutes

8 Feb

Melbourne AVDJ duo Mr Nice and DJ Ego have taken the ultimate 2011 mixtape, Triple J’s hottest 100, and suavely mixed it into a 6 minute youtube video.

That shit cray!

(to borrow a line from song #98)

L.U.V. Madonna

7 Feb

Yesterday Madonna won the Superbowl.

(Giants, who?)

Entering the arena as the timeless goddess she is, clad in golden Givenchy couture and surrounded by an army of adonis-like dancers, she opened the half time show with the eponymous Vogue (sigh… there was a time when I closed every DJ set with this amazo jam). Party rockers LMFAO made a cameo during Music, enticing the queen of pop to shuffle like a badass zombie before Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. rocked up (with about 30 dancing clones) to cheer her on in new single Give Me All Your Luvin’. Gotta L.U.V. M.I.A. shocking mainstream America by flipping “an obscene gesture” and alluding to the word ‘shit’ at 7:53 (gasp!), causing the entire screen to be momentarily blurred. Lulz.




When Cee Lo entered the stage with a marching band and launched into an Open Your Heart/ Express Yourself / Like A Prayer medley, shit got really real.


Flanked by giant beams of light, a massive gospel choir and the insanely awesome backdrop of a fuller than full stadium of cheering fans, I firmly believe that this is an iconic pop moment talked about for years and years to come.

So, yeah, she lip syncs and that’s a bit shit, but fuck me will you just watch this woman perform…!?




M.I.A. – Fast and Furious

4 Feb

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. 


Ultimate bad girl, M.I.A. rocks some serious Middle Eastern street racing swag in the beautifully cinematic, death defying vid for new single…  duh… Bad Girls.


The video just dropped in a world exclusive from Noisey, VICE’s music channel and was made by French director Romain Gavras, who M.I.A. previously teamed up with on 2010’s mega controversial (and awesome) video for Born Free.



The track was produced by Danja and popped up in an earlier form on the Vicki Leekx mixtape. It’s gonna be on her 4th album, which she’s currently putting together… when she’s not jamming on Madonna’s stuff that is.


Psyched much!?

Krissy Mo vs Twincest vs Bé

3 Feb

My girls Twincest and Kristina Miltiadou have teamed up on a mean rendition of Beyoncé‘s End Of Time, the latest Diplo/Switch produced single from her insane album, 4.

The afrobeat, dancehall vibes are a flowin’ with an army of babes assaulting a Melbourne rehearsal space with their ferocious queen power.


…and the original afro-pop-rnb megaqueen, in all her glory. (srsly tears came to my eyes when i first saw this)…

I Fink U Freeky

2 Feb

…and i like you.


Everybody’s fave fucked up Saffas are back with a nuuuuuuuu albuuuuuuum.

Ten$ion is set for release via their new label ZEF RECORDZ on Feb 7th and promises to be even freakier than their 2009 debut, $0$.

After trying to fux with their mad Zef flow, Ninja, Yolandi and Hi-Tek split with mega major Interscope.“So we said: ‘U know what, rather hang on to your money, buy yourself something nice…we gonna do our own thing. Bye bye'” 

The video for latest single I Fink U Freeky has just dropped… and it’s, well… mesmerizingly freaky. A whole lotta dirty, creepy, sexual freak crawling in snakes and rats, complete with Jersey Shore-worthy beats n blow outs. Pretty much what you’d imagine the inside of an Ed Hardy sweatshop to look like… but, like, dope.