Syrup Swag?

23 May

Kreay got the munchies

A year on from Gucci Gucci, the woman who uttered one of the best lines in rap history*  and coined one of my favourite terms**, opening the floor for badass, unconventional female rappers everywhere, has come out with… well… this…


It’s got 2 Chainz in it. Normally I like him.

*I got the swag and it’s pumping out my ovaries

**basic bitch

Oh, and she made for an awesome 2011 Halloween Costume. What shall I go as this year? A stack of pancakes? A big fat joint? A failed rap career?


One Response to “Syrup Swag?”


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    […] for her new track Club King. Produced by SF’s ‘hidden gem’ Stylez,  directed by Kreayshawn and Tragik & featuring an all star cast of musical misfits such as Grimes, Brooke Candy & […]

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