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Kimbra – Miracle

20 Aug

Miracle, the latest single from Kimbra’s new album The Golden Echo is such a mad jam… with a super qewt vid to back it up.

Shot on the streets of NYC, it’s about to make your day a whole lot brighter.




Obama ‘singing’ Fancy is weirdly hypnotising

7 Aug

Who dat… who dat?


7 Aug


 Tiaan is your new favourite RnB babe.

Sexy, smooth, minimal… Tiaan doesn’t just write songs, she makes soundscapes to get lost in.

Her latest tune, Clean, has been premiered by VOGUE.

But delve into her soundcloud and get hypnotised by an entire EP of pop-laced RnB jams ready to make you swoon.



17 Sep

GD, The biggest baller in Big Bang is back… gettin’ his crayon. (LOL geddit? …cray on? Took me a minute.)

Are you dying from haute-trash-andro-overload yet? The Givenchy beanie was the icing on the cake for me.  Can these amazo K-Pop stars make a transition into the Western mainstream woirld o’pop already!?



10 Jul

it’s pronounced ‘shhhun’ darlings.

and its the name of this aweshhhuum Kansas city freak scene collective lead by the dreamy Cody Critcheloe.

When he’s not making art for Santigold, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Peaches,  CC is writing brilliant pop songs, making his own gorgeous moving pictures, crushing rosebushes and setting the word ‘cowboy’ up with an entirely new steeze.


Deja vs fingertips

14 Jun


Melbourne based electro-pop duo Deja have just dropped a sneaky lil fingertips remix. It’s pretty fucken dope.

Got legs? 

Lennon & Maisy

6 Jun

…aren’t they just the qewtest names you’ve ever heard in yer LYF!?

Sisters Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella are also quite possibly the coolest pre-teens around. SO much better than those Nicki Minaj kids from Ellen.

Here they are covering Robyn…

They’re also on twidduh. Go follow. In a totally non-creepy child stalker way.